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2013 Annual Conference

Recycling Today for a Better Tomorrow

Garson & Shaw were proud to welcome over 200 suppliers and customers to the annual conference in Atlanta, May 2013. Over the last four years, we have explored many parts of the World of Secondhand Clothing -  from collections and grading - to retail - to the recycling of our products. We have been around the world with speakers from many different countries sharing their stories.

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2014 Annual Conference


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2015 Annual Conference


Garson & Shaw proudly welcomed over 200 guests to the

6th Annual Conference on Textile Reuse and Recycling in Atlanta, GA on May 8, 2015.

This year, our focus was on worldwide Secondhand Trade. We invited graders and retailers from all the "corners" of the world to be our guest speakers. We learned about the current situations in the market with currency issues, political conflicts and wars that have affected the business over the past year.  Despite of these issues we still used the headline "Celebrating the World of Secondhand Clothes" because we wanted to illustrate how fantastic this business is and the benefits it brings to both people and the environment.

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